Sweet The Sting…

And the sun sets on another amazing birthday getaway.

The weather was perfection, the food muy bien and the relaxation level exceedingly high.

My birthday was beyond fabulous…choke full of joy, unbelievable gifts of love and generosity and, of course, cake.

The eve of my birthday was unnerving.

I witnessed a thrilling yet stinging sunset.

I was in the water, laughing and admiring the flaming pink sunset when I transformed into a red ball of fiery pain.

I inadvertently interrupted the excavation of a new home for stingrays.

All I could do was channel Steve Irwin…would I make it to my impending birthday?!

Fast forward to a harrowing golf cart ride to the hospital.

The pain party included huge and I mean huge steroid shots, morphine and 2 injections directly into the bloody stingray pierce point.

I opted for tush antibiotics which meant that I could continue my mango margarita consumption sooner rather than later.

Judging from past stateside ER experiences I would guesstimate that the hospital charges would be in the $1000’s.

The total price tag for the hospital visit, treatment, 2 days of antibiotic injections and medication totaled $75.

Miraculously, there was no wait time and I was immediately attended to by a registered nurse, internist and surgeon.

I received follow up calls and was feeling happy and healthy within 24 hours.

Further cause to pause and consider the state of the American healthcare system.

Next year’s Mexican holiday will serve a dual purpose…relaxation and my annual medical check up.

Anyway, the Devil is back…healthy and happy.

Stay tuned.


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