Superba Rises To The Occasion…

Breadheads rejoice.

Superba makes all bread expectations rise.

If you live in Los Angeles or plan on visiting you must have breakfast at Superba or at least do a drive by for a loaf and a pastry

The food is fabulous, the breads, croissants and pastries beyond delectable.

The restaurant itself is very appealing.

There is abundant open air seating and you can order takeout or enjoy table service.

We recently visited on Mother’s Day and I ordered the extremely hearty and flavorful Avocado Toast with watermelon radish, pickled onion, flax and sesame ($13).

We also selected the savory, tantalizing Breakfast Sandwich consisting of fried eggs, beeler’s bacon, cheddar, watercress and an ample side of crispy potatoes ($14).
.The coffee is excellent. The foam on my cappuccino was outrageous ($4).

Superba has nightly dinner specials and a bounty of soups, salads, a raw bar and sandwiches during the day as well as a weekend brunch from 8am-4pm.

We took home an amazing bread, croissant and blueberry muffin.

It is just all Superba.

Superba Food + Bread 1900 South Lincoln Blvd. Venice, California. Open daily 8am-8pm. Dinner service starts at 4pm. Street parking available. Reservations accepted.


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