Sunshine Of My Life…


Today is my husband’s birthday.

Is it possible to be creative after 41 years of togetherness?!

Non-threatening kidnapping is a brilliant idea.

I woke him early Sunday morning, had his bag packed and his carriage awaiting.

We drove to Laguna Beach to a small resort nestled in a verdant canyon overlooking the Pacific Ocean with Covid rules still in place.

Our first act after eating breakfast was to check in and then hike down the hill to the beach.

Today, I shall indulge him in spa services then hose him down with Veuve Clicquot.

Tonight is a special outdoor farm to table dinner celebrating his birth.

I am still amazed at how a girl from Connecticut permanently hooked up with a guy from South Africa and it all started on a rooftop in Los Angeles.

Must be that we are both May babies.

Anyway, now that we are legally allowed to escape Coronaville, this kind, generous, patient, smart, man must be made a fuss over.

Happy birthday, handsome and long live my king👑💜

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  1. Happy Birthday wishes for David!
    Ralph and Paula

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