Sunshine of My Life…

I love my baby bug.

My l’il yellow VW has been the sunshine of my life since 1978.

It is now residing in sunny California and is in tip top shape thanks to my husband.

Yesterday, I had an appointment in West Hollywood and took her at top speed on the 10 Freeway.

She performed well as all powerful, vintage females do, but the ride was less then luxurious!

We rattled a bit, tilted slightly in the graded fast lane, but we did well.

You really learn how to connect because Los Angeles stop and go traffic with a stick shift demands that the driver knows how to handle her.

As in all long term relationships you need to put in the work.

The after market retractable seatbelts definitely hold you tight with little wiggle room.

You need to reach across the front seat to roll down the passenger side window.

No electric door locks.

No AC, but there is a convertible top which is the da bomb.

It is a must to always engage The Club steering lock to protect your baby from thieving bastards…the car has been violated a dozen times, but thankfully remains with its’ original owner!

No airbags.

And no cup holders, one of the great inventions of the late 20th century.

Yesterday, I stopped for a Vietnamese iced coffee at my favorite place in West Hollywood.

The server asked if I wanted it to go. I looked at him and said, “Thanks, but too challenging  I don’t have cup holders.”

His mouth dropped and inquired as to my mode of transportation.

“Vintage 1978 VW, baby!”

I drank up and headed back to snuggle into the sunshine of my life.


  1. Lol. Very nice.

  2. Love that car! I learned how to drive a stick on one – although “the stick” was a ski pole! It was my dream car when I turned 16. I truly thought I would get one. I got a gold beetle locket instead – sooooo not the same.

  3. Rich Pucci says:

    Love it, sat in moms garage tortured me for years, glad you finally got her back on the road. Enjoy I know I do with mine☺️❤️

  4. Beth Martin says:

    Wow. That’s so cool. She’s a beauty. Lucky you. I wanted the Turquoise one.

  5. Bruce S Alpert says:

    You and your car are amazing.

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