Sunday in the City With Toby…

Cultcha on Sunday before my first cup of coffee.

9am and the #1 train is actually running on the weekend.

I am a member of the Whitney and this was opening weekend for the Biennial.

We walked in at 9:30am and had the museum pretty much to ourselves.

The 2017 Whitney Biennial opens at a time rife with racial tensions, extreme class inequality and very polarizing politics.

The 2017 Biennial is the most political exhibit in a long time.

The seventy-eighth installment of the longest-running survey of American art, challenges these issues.

The Biennial features sixty-three lesser known individuals and collectives whose work takes a wide variety of forms.

The Whitney show is generally regarded as one of the leading shows in the art world, often setting trends in contemporary art.

It helped bring artists like Georgia O’Keeffe, Jackson Pollock and Jeff Koons to prominence.

The 2017 Biennial provides sensory stimulation while preconceived notions are tweaked.

Pope.L aka William Pope.L
Acrylic paint, graphite pencil, pushpins, wood, fortified wine, bologna with back-and-white photocopy portraits

Ultimately, art interpretation is in the eye of the beholder and I found the exhibit to be inspiring, challenging and at times ‘full of bologna’ which is exactly what is portrayed in the above piece.

Enjoy the tour:

Environmental Issues




After allowing my eyes to feast, we took our stomachs under advisement and popped into High Street on Hudson for the first coffee of the day along with some delicious offerings.

Breakfast Tartine

We opted for the Breakfast Tartine with avocado, kale, scrambled egg on stone ground wheat toast ($14).

It was fabulous, every element a great combination with distinct flavors standing on their own.

We also shared the Beet Cured Salmon on a crispy scooped sesame bagel ($13). It was served with cream cheese, red onion, fried capers and dill…another delectable selection.

We headed home to take Madison for her bandage change.

I am delighted to report that she is healing and moving surprisingly well.

A manicure and massage rounded out a stimulating and satisfying New York Sunday.

Along with  March Madness I had to face the reality of end of the week obligations.

Laundry had to be done, hardwood floors cleaned and  arduous housework tackled.

Reality is not as colorful and illuminating as Sunday in the City.

Whitney Museum Exterior

Whitney Museum of American Art, 99 Gansevoort Street, New York, NY 10014. Biennial March 17th-June 11th, 2017. Open daily except for Tuesday 10:30am-6pm, open until 10pm on Friday and Saturday.

High Street on Hudson  637 Hudson Street New York City. Open Monday-Friday 8am-10pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am-11pm.




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