Such A Deal…

I love finding little hole in the wall places to eat.

I literally parked in front of a new sign located very close to the beach in Santa Monica where we go to walk, read and lounge on most Sundays.

A found treasure was unearthed.

Sure enough it was tucked into a tiny space that for several years only featured a coffee truck set up.

We took a look at the menu and decided to try Mexican from the month old Neto’s Grill.

The beach was practically empty so around 12:30 my husband took the 5 minute walk via the underpass for the Pacific Coast Highway and picked up lunch.

I selected the Steak Burrito with rice and black beans.

The steak was well seasoned and tender and the flour tortilla was tasty… not dry and gummy.

David ordered the Breakfast Burrito with eggs and potatoes. Bacon and sausage are also included, but meat is not his thing.

He arrived back at the beach with two hearty burritos in hand.

The al fresco view was magnificent, the food delish and the price just right.

I have found that food prices have really increased during the pandemic so Neto’s Grill is a flavorful nod to the Old Normal.

The two men in charge could not be more pleasant and accommodating…you can add, modifying at will and all food is made to order.

Next time you are in Santa Monica definitely try Neto’s Grill and support a small business with a warm vibe and delish homemade food .

Retail therapy is also an option as there are a few stores to browse in the little village by the beach.

Neto’s Grill 169 West Channel Road. Pacific Palisades, California. Open Weekends 8am-3pm and Wednesday-Friday 4-9:30pm.

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