Such A Bargain and in NYC….

It’s Tuesday…are you hungry?!

I am throwing in a bit of a twist. I am flying solo in the big city so fancy schmancy dining  isn’t fun…you always hear, “Just one?”

Here’s a list of some delish cheap eats where dining alone is socially acceptable (f’em, who cares!)…

chirping chicken
Chirping Chicken, 355 Amsterdam Avenue, Upper West Side
Grilled chicken individual meal

Chirping Chicken-eat in, takeout. Great grilled chicken, gyro, souvlaki, grilled shrimp platter, baby ribs. I order either the Greek salad with well done chicken on the side delivered in a separate container, dressing on the side. They make their own oil and vinegar dressing and tzatziki sauce which are both very good…$8.59. If you are hungry or desire leftovers, I order the half all white meat rotisserie chicken that comes with salad, corn or veggies and a choice of sweet or baked potato, fries, brown or white rice, mashers etc. It is a great deal at $12.49. Chirping Chicken, 355 Amsterdam Avenue, NY is open daily 10am to 2am. Free delivery and online ordering at

Lushe’s Crepe like pancakes topped with fresh fruit

If you are cruisin’ to Connecticut, pop off the Merritt Parkway at the High Ridge Road exit, make a right and 100 yards up on the right is Lushe’s Parkway DIner. They just remodeled, but don’t expect a Vogue Home Décor spread…but seriously, their prices are fab and the food very good. My fav is the feta and fresh spinach omelette (huge and is only $7) with great old fashioned home fries (no peppers, yay!) and home made English muffins. The pancakes are killer $4.75…better than Norma’s in the Parker Meridien in NYC. Thin pancakes, crispy, tender, wow! They also make a  classic cobb salad priced well at $8.95 (named after Robert Howard Cobb who owned the famous Brown Derby restaurant in Hollywood…(‘pausers and all non-sweaty people, never stop learning!) and you can substitute grilled chicken for turkey…it’s big enough to share or for leftovers. Lushe’s Parkway Diner 1066 High Ridge Road Stamford, CT  is open daily from 6am to 11pm.

Burger Heaven classic burger

Hamburger Heaven-several locations in the city. It is always difficult to find a reasonably priced and delicious midtown eating establishment. I hit up Heaven at Lexington and 62nd or 49th off of 5th. Burger Heaven has been serving great quality food for 70 years and four generations. Classic burger for $6.95, grilled chicken sandwich with fries and cole slaw $12.75 and old school BLT for $6.95 (seriously in NYC?!) great grilled chicken salad, endless refills on diet coke or any fountain drink. The glasses are huge, fries are thick and crispy….side order of a mound of fries is $4.95. Burger Heaven 20 East 49th Street, 62nd and Lexington, 9 East 53rd Street, NYC. Order online and free delivery.

Cheap Eats Lunch Special:

Peep- 2 courses $8-10. My pick every time is the  great grilled salmon. Your first plate is complimentary with such choices as: fritters, spring rolls, dumplings, salad, deep fried tofu, grilled calamari or soup. Lunch plates include: curry, massaman, pad thai, noodle dishes, scallops grilled chicken, B.B.Q. pork chop, grilled salmon or the special of the day. They also offer Lunch Boxes with soup, appetizer, salad and entrée for $12. You have to go to the bathroom which is situated in the middle of the restaurant. It has a one way mirror.  You sit on the throne and do your thing while watching the goings on in the restaurant. Thankfully, they cannot see you…funny enough, you have to relax and coax yourself because, initially, you feel as if you are on display. Peep, 177 Spring Street, SoHo.

peep bathroom
Peep, 1-way bathroom view (seriously, no one can see in…it has been tested!)
View out from your throne

Eat well and still have money for retail therapy. All of these restaurants are located near great shopping….savor and shop!

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