Stuffing Knocked Out Of Me…


Love conquers all.

Sunday morning and Finnley wants out at 5am. I had a raging migraine, but when baby needs to relieve herself momma needs to get up and out.

Fed the two doggies and really wanted to take my headache back to bed, but Finn had other more rambunctious plans so I caved and filled a Kong with goodies and left her to her own devices.

I dozed until 7:30 and was thankfully headache free, but with a Zomig hangover. All quiet on the western front. I gave it some extra time and then tiptoed into the living room to praise the pup.

There she sat in all her glory covered in foam stuffing and fabric from her new custom bed which was not yet paid for.

Finn looked up with a shit eating grin and wagged her tail.

I went quietly postal, gathered up the innards and reconsidered my parenting skills.

Finnley knew she had screwed up and threw herself into full on cuteness, but I stonewalled her. She proceeded to jump into my lap, nuzzled and covered me in kisses. That was that.

So there are other $180 dog beds out there and the color didn’t exactly match the walls…maybe it was an interior design blessing in disguise.

Is that why puppies are so darn cute?!

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