Stress Test…

Is happiness the best diet?

When life is rolling along and things are going well, I do not have much of an appetite.

When shit happens or boredom sets in, my arms are over exercised opening and closing the pantry and refrigerator door.

Trump must be under duress because Agent Orange is now the size of a dump truck.

The man is blowing up…literally.

I wonder how many Americans have gained weight since he has taken office?

Is food the answer for the need for instant gratification when we hit a patch of turbulence or life becomes predictable?

Recently, I had a bout of emotional eating.

I consumed an oversized black and white cookie after Syracuse’s pathetic defensive showing in the ACC basketball tournament on Wednesday.

Doesn’t look like we will be invited to the big dance.

Today, looks to be a good day so I plan on counteracting my cookie indulgence with kale and whole grains.

Food for thought.

Enjoy the weekend and graze responsibly.




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