Stream Of Consciousness…

Today’s post is a random stream of consciousness.

Let us kick things off with my rock star daughter.

A whole lot of lotta love and pride regarding my daughter and her HUGE award today as she is being honored for being included in a select group of women on Variety’s 2019 Power of Women New York Impact List…she is being honored along with Bette Midler and others…more to follow.


I have trust issues…no need to elaborate.

Perhaps it is because I have in-house besties…my husband and daughter.

I usually don’t have to outsource, but sometimes it is nice to schmooze with the girls and I want to send a shout out to Beth and Paula who are smart, interesting and generous of spirit and have been a great support system…trust and love.

I also want to express my love and gratitude to all those who sent support and good thoughts regarding the selling of the family homestead…so appreciated…loved the memories of The Way We Were.

Now for the entertainment segment…go see Hadestown on Broadway for a unique experience, talented cast, great sets, amazing voices and a true escape from reality…it’s all Greek to me and you really do not need to be up on your mythology to have a marvelously fresh and exciting theatre adventure.

INK just opened this week on Broadway.

Taking place in London in 1969, the brash, young Rupert Murdoch purchases a struggling paper and sets out to make it a must-read, sleazy, every man smash while simultaneously destroying the Fleet Street competition.

The hand picked rogue editor and owner will go to any lengths for success.

INK is inspired by real events.

Hope your weekend is spectacular.

I am off to have lunch at Cipriani with the most interesting, dynamic women and of course, my super star daughter…only in New York, baby.


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