Still The One…

Love the one you’re with.

I do.

Daily, I metaphorically revel in my fabulous drink of coconut water.

I know for a fact that my husband and I have never been together as much as we have been in the 375 days since we set up residence in Coronaville.

And most days we are still BFFs, pledging to never lose sight of love and respect.

Sometimes I falter, but I get up again…You’re never gonna keep me down! (Thank you, Chumbawamba).

The man has performed admirably during the pandemic as things that once turned you on about your partner have been radically altered in this Covid environment.

My husband can fix anything which negates bringing potential virus carriers into the home, he is a reliable hiking buddy, displays first rate vacuuming skills, an improving bed maker, a premiere retriever of takeout as well as a devoted consumer of my cooking and a superb grocery store speed shopper as we divide and conquer in order to get the hell out of Trader Joe’s in under 20 minutes…all the things that really matter in Coronaville.

I keep the marriage interesting while he focuses on work and Zoom. I provide the sustenance to keep him grinding away and I take on the challenge of planning safe pandemic activities.

He diligently adheres to the sage advice, Happy Wife, Happy Life.

I am very fortunate that we enjoy most of the same things.

My husband provides a wide, supportive berth regarding my sports addiction and I stay in my lane nonverbally cruising past his love for refurbishing vintage vehicles.

Frighteningly, we are starting to say the same thing at the same time.

Thankfully, we still do not look or dress alike.

We even have a blended Moderna marriage and share vaccination dates…can’t get closer than that.

So on this No Special Day I salute my amazing partner in love and life.


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