Still Got It…

Banana, Sunrise, Chair.

Recollection of those three words earned me a gold star at my annual physical last week.

A featured role of my check up this year is cognitive skills, eye tests, memory acumen and answering personal questions such as do I ever lose consciousness (only during sporting events when a miracle occurs and my team wins), if I have a bar in the shower to steady myself as I cleanse or do I have throw rugs scattered about the bathroom.

Have I arrived at that stage of life?

Am I still able to maintain health insurance if I am bar-less and have throw rugs in my possession?

I also met with perfection when I drew the face of a clock and was able to correctly identify 10 minutes after 11!

I inquired if people forget the 3 words which are asked to be repeated  10 minutes later or if the clock is mismanaged.

It appears that the test does stymie many and thankfully, I learned that  I still have possession of my faculties and no need to shuffle over to CVS for adult diapers.

I strutted out still capable of walking straight and at a vigorous pace with my blood pressure at 120 over 73 and with breasts positioned well above my waistline…damn, I still got it!

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