Staying Alive & A Bestie Birthday…

Staying fit is like breathing for me.

if I do not exercise daily I cannot function.

It is all part of my daily routine of hopefully waking up and experiencing another glorious day, brushing my teeth so that I can matriculate into society, experiencing my first cup of strong, fragrant illy coffee, making the bed because the day is not livable unless my bed is perfectly made and the bathroom is pristine.

The pressing question is why am I so sore all the time if I workout daily?

Makes no sense.

Is it the Golden Years having revenge on my body?!

I cannot figure it out, but meantime I walk around as if I have a broom up my tush, my left foot is dragging, my lower back is barking, my calves are tight and my quads are stiff, but I cannot curb my enthusiasm for the daily sweat.

Staying healthy is killing me!!

And, let us not forget that today is the all important and memorable 17th of May.

I am thrilled that I am fit and able to celebrate the birthday of my best friend and forever partner.

David, I hope your day is as fabulous as you are.

Happy Birthday to a kind, thoughtful, always optimistic, whip smart, dedicated bread winner, easy on the eyes, fab father and husband who possesses great taste, is always willing to do a food run and can fix, paint and build anything thrown at him…even a car 💜🎂🥳🎈



  1. Laurie Tcath Sterling says:

    Happy Bday Mark! May it be a year of joy, adventure and abundant good health!

  2. Happy healthy birthday wishes. Paula and Ralph

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