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Just returned from desolate Chez Ravine…yes, it is located in the USA. It is the site of Dodger Stadium and the city built the stadium in 1962 perhaps as an internment camp because there is only one way in and one way out. My beloved Yankees were in town so Courtny and her friend Cat and I decided to go to support our home team, The NY Yankees. Former Dodger pitcher (4 years with Dodgers) and present Yankee ace, Hiroki  Kuroda was pitching against Dodger ace, Clinton Kershaw. Jeter is back in the line-up and we went decked out in our Yankee finest, with high hopes of bringing home a victory.

When I reported on the architecturally acclaimed baseball stadiums and great parks for food in an earlier blog, Dodger Stadium was not on the list. What a pit. The new owners are spending millions on acquiring talent and are showcasing them in what looks like a third world country arena.  The crowd must be on a work release program from San Quentin.  Seriously, the stands were filled with the underbelly of Los Angeles. Even the presence of Koby Bryant, Christina Aguilera, Rob Reiner, Samuel L. Jackson and  Jason Alexander couldn’t class up the joint.

Back to the game. A funny thing did happen on the way to the stadium. We were merging off the I-110 onto the Hill Street ramp when a voice from above came through loud and clear. “Let’s go Dodgers…by the way, girls, I have some extra Dodger hats in the squad car!” We were in a convertible, creepy along the road, sporting Yankee hats and a California Highway Patrolman pulled out the megaphone to let us know he was feeling Dodger Blue. We smiled, waved and tipped our Yankee caps, concerned that we might be pulled over for obstructing Dodger justice…it was a moment!

Dodger Stadium…Yankees vs Dodgers

The game was a pitching duel until the top of the 9th when the Yankees with 2 outs got a hit and an intentional walk issued to pinch hitting Ichiro Suzuki. Lyle Overbay came off the bench and lined a single to drive home the first run of the game. Then a routine pop fly and the Dodger 2nd baseman dropped the ball and the Yankees took a 3 run lead into the bottom of the 9th. “Enter Sandman”, Mariano Rivera and the crowd exploded into thunderous applause. Mo mowed the side down 1,2,3 and the Yankees won 3-0.

During most of the game a screaming Dodger fan sat behind us chanting, nonstop, “The Yankees Sucks”. We were perturbed by his incorrect conjugation of the verb, suck. I felt it was time for a grammar lesson. Feeling empowered after the Yankees scored, I graciously informed the gentleman that a group collectively suck and Derek Jeter, a single individual, sucks. Mission accomplished and the Yankees win…what a fulfilling evening.

Ending a victory on a sweet note, here’s a recipe for scrumptious  and easy Mud Pie.

  • 1 quart ice cream (I like to mix 2 flavors)
  • Chocolate cookie crust (make it easy on yourself and purchase store bought)
  • ¼ stick butter
  • 8 squares semi-sweet chocolate
  • Soften ice cream and mix 2 flavors together…free rein here. Melt the butter and layer over the crust. Put softened ice cream in the pie shell. Melt sweet chocolate squares and pour mixture over ice cream. Put in freezer for 1 hour or until frozen. Serve with whipped cream. Serves 8 unless you are alone late at night then it serves 1.
ice cream pie
Mud pie

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