Some days home can feel like prison. Same shit different day.

Of late, it seems to be the norm that the bad guys go out rob, steal, rape, kill, make billions off of illegal activities, get caught and are incarcerated.

They live rent free, have meals prepared, exercise and then cozy up to guards and tap into their outside sources, eventually spooning their way to freedom.

Maybe that’s my problem. I am too law abiding. My only uses for a spoon is to dig some frozen yogurt out of an environmentally friendly takeout container or spooning my husband in bed.

Joaquin Guzman, whose nickname El Chapo (‘The Shorty’) is a reference to his diminutive height of 5′ 6″, runs a drug empire that stretches across North America into Europe and Australia. He was once listed in Forbes register of billionaires.

Joaquin Guzman
Joaquin Guzman

The most wanted drug lord is once again living the high life just days after escaping prison.

The photos of Guzman drinking beer and flying on an airplane were sent to a blog which monitors the on-going drug war in Mexico. One of Guzman’s sons allegedly photographed their father after his audacious escape just days ago.

He and his son even have time to tweet threats to presidential candidate, Donald Trump, warning him to stop his anti-Mexico rhetoric.

It advised The Donald that: ‘If you keep pissing me off I’m going to make you eat your words you f****** blonde milk-shitter’

Donald Trump, Joaquin Guzman photo:Getty/AP
Donald Trump, Joaquin Guzman photo:Getty/AP

I cannot believe I am sitting in my home actually agreeing with one of the most dangerous, corrupt men in the world. Perhaps he can get the Trumpster to quell the rhetoric.

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