Something Is Still Buggin’ Me…

Happy Valentine’s Day.

If today’s sentiment is what you dream of I hope your day is filled with love, champagne, flowers and chocolate.

My fantasy is to get well for dinner tonight.

I am still sick with this thing, this thing, this thing.

Two weeks and counting.

Me and my bug have a symbiotic relationship.

I berate my bug and he responds with coughing fits, sneezes, stuffed nose, sore throat, migraines and aching body parts.

Obviously, his vicious retaliation is bugging me!

During this illness I am overdosing on Fixer Upper since my bed and TV are my only constant source of succor.

It’s so bad that my fantasies involve moving to Waco so I can be besties with Joanna Gaines and buy a fixer upper for $50,000 and have her work her  magic.

I’m not sure that Chip is my cup of tea, but he does have mad construction skills.

This move raises some issues…I get bored in Los Angeles what the hell am I going to do in Waco?!

Has this bug infected and tainted my fantasies…dreaming about Waco reno rather than bringing sexy back for V Day?!

It must be the fever.

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  1. Oh no. You’re still sick. When I got that bug it lasted
    2 1/2 weeks. So depressing. The good news—-you’re bored in Layla$123. Come back to NYC. I miss you, the dogs miss you and so does Courtny.

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