Something Fishy…

A lot of chatter around Fishpop.

When Chrissy Teigen talks food on Instagram, people listen up.

I fell prey since living in Coronaville I am constantly searching out any place that is easy access, delish, providing limited human contact.

I made the executive decision to forego rumored long weekend lines and instead deal with Los Angeles rush hour traffic…63 minutes to go 14 miles to Koreatown.

It is a good thing I did a bit of Fishpop unpacking because the pop up is inside Rollypop in an unassuming mall on Wilshire Boulevard in Koreatown.

We found street parking around the corner amidst tented homeless encampments, discarded needles and abandoned Under Armour underwear.

The restaurant looks more like a warehouse devoid of charm, but with an incredibly friendly and accommodating young staff.

I loved the menu kiosks with all the pictures…it made ordering fun and easy.

Rollypop looks very appealing with sushi and yakitori offerings.

Fishpop is pretty straight forward.

You can order Classic Fish and Chips, spicy or regular, a Shrimp Po Boi on a roll or various combo deals.

I went classic and ordered the Fish and Chips which was crispy, well prepared, not at all greasy and was served with fries and homemade coleslaw and tartar sauce ($16.99).

The presentation is eye catching.

David ordered the Shrimp Po Boi ($15.99).

The shrimp were large and tender.

Very few people were in the cavernous space so we sat and ate.

The owners are Korean and Michelin trained under famed Chef Ludo Lefebvre of Petit Trois and Trois Mec fame.

Fishpop was a delicious experience and an entertaining fresh catch.

Fishpop 3446 Wilshire Boulevard Koreatown Los Angeles, California. Open Wednesday-Saturday 5-10pm. Located inside Rollypop. Street and parking lot availability.

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