Socially Distanced…

Saturday was a cloudy day so we took to the mountains.

We cruised in my vintage VW bug convertible driving along the coast and then up a winding roadway to Ojai, California.

A peaceful retreat, Ojai is a laid back city in Ventura County 50 miles north of Malibu, south and inland from Santa Barbara.

The drive was scenic and easy.

When we arrived I started to get antsy.

There was a posse of people strolling Ojai’s boutique lined main drag.

I felt overwhelmed.

People were mostly masked, but within breathing distance.

I went into my first shop in 7 months other than a grocery store and I had to leave.

At lunch outside I felt the tables were too close which led me to want to lay down and measure the space between me and the snotty Malibu babe and her Porsche driving boy toy, but David told me to get up, dust myself off and honor the space…a few inches always matter.

I am not sure I am going to be able to socially function in public until a Fauci tested, approved and proven vaccine hits the mainstream.

I skipped lunch and scampered back to the safety of  my adorable bug hoping that I successfully dodged the Corona bug.

I remain mentally socially distanced from humanity’s mosh pit unable to comfortably rejoin the maddening crowd.

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  1. It is tough isn’t it. I find myself speaking out at those that do not mask up..have not gone out to eat since March. Have done takeout before opening time . Think it will be many a day,week month before have a meal made for me while I sit back relaxed.

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