Social Distancing…

I feel like Martha Stewart in a minimum security prison.

This social distancing is hard work.

I hike a deserted mountain daily, try to practice pilates at home by dialing into YouTube videos, write, cook three creative squares a day.

I sacrificed music for a permanent MSNBC soundtrack.

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon are my new besties.

I have organized every closet.

I clean and polish our cell daily.

Yesterday, we were awarded a day pass for good behavior and we took a 30 mile drive up the Pacific Coast Highway.

I kept a healthy 6 foot distance from the vehicle in front of me.

I was shocked to see Nobu and SoHo House in Malibu packed with potential Corona infectors.

This country must shutdown every social gathering venue so that we can conquer this heinous virus.

Corona has alerted me to a new slant on relationships.

I am now convinced that social distancing may be the new together forever touchstone.

Reject professional counseling, bypass couples retreats and religious counseling.

After the initial 6 month honeymoon phase when all you want to do is jump each other’s bones, stock up on supplies and sequester yourselves for a loooong weekend.

No houseguests, just the two of you.

If you emerge still in love and tolerant of each other’s idiosyncrasies then you know you have the  potential for achieving longevity.

Reality check…I hope everyone is practicing social distancing, washing hands for 20 seconds or the length of singing happy birthday twice, washing up after opening an Amazon plastic or cardboard package (yes, the material can be a Corona carrier).

Please remain both physically and emotionally as cool as a cucumber, continue to breathe deeply and keep 6 feet away from humans and potential Corona invaders.

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