Smoke ‘Em…

A Gunsmoke reboot.

The shoot ‘em up western debuted in 1955 and the gun situation in America has grown exponentially since then.

As of yesterday, January 26th, 2023, a total of 26 days into the New Year, the number of mass shootings in the United States of America has reached 39.

As usual, our representatives are divided by party lines…republicans lust for the gun lobbyists support and the financial benefits gained by aligning with those soulless cretins.

Democrats demand stricter gun laws.

Second Amendment supporters never stop bitching. Is it because they don’t have grocery stores so they need to shoot animals for sustenance?

The mass killings, committed predominantly by white males who often feel socially isolated and become involved with radical online forums, are not just random acts of violence but rather a symptom of a deeper societal problem, labeled as the continued rise of “deaths of despair.”

Often, the mass murderers turn to extreme ideologies to cope with their failures and to find a sense of purpose.

And, of course, to deter these actions, legislators and gun supporters do not want comprehensive background checks with longer waiting periods so that emotionally disturbed people will be deterred from buying a deadly weapon…that makes too much sense.

As with most things in life these days, nothing computes.

Just keep on selling those guns to anyone with cash and like the lottery jackpot, let’s keep increasing the number of mass murders and expressing those useless, self-serving thoughts and prayers.


  1. Thank you for this. Agree with every word.

  2. It truly is awful..guns are not the old western pistol…now they have grown to much bigger and more dangerous is sad that this is what our country has become

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