Sizzling Summer Sales…


L-R- J.Crew Panama hat regularly $58/sale $34. J.Crew vintage looking necklace $120/$40. Frye Veronica short boots. $300/$198.90.

Summer means many different things to many people…beachin’ it,  tanning, bikinis, sailing, golfing, vacations and, wait for it, Summer Sales which translates into concentrated retail therapy. After all, it is imperative to prepare for the fall fashions. In my humble opinion, I think fall and winter clothes are the most stylish and edgy. Summer wear can be very boring and one dimensional…shorts, sun dresses, tank tops. This summer, everyone whether they should wear cut offs and the 70’s hot pants or not, are strutting around with way too much thigh and cellulite showing. When it works (on teenagers) it is fabulous, but from what I am observing, women need to turn the other cheek and take a peek at the backside of their body.

So, I hit the stores after researching which retailers were offering the best sales items. I will now share some of my delightful bargains/conquests.

                                madden bootsmen's jacketrag and bone

L-R: Steve Madden studded boots (look just like $1300 Jimmy Choo’s) $190/$126. Banana Republic Men’s linen jacket $325/160. rag and bone suede ankle boots $495/$299.90.

Boots are made for walking, but first you need to get out there NOW and buy them…the weekend is the perfect time!

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