Shoo, Ivanka…

Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Hey Humpty Dumpty Trumpy, thanks for the Valentine’s Day present.

You ignorant pussy grabber, how f…ing stupid are you to tweet out on the @POTUS account, which is usually reserved for government business, that Big Bad Nordy is picking on your poor little rich daughter, Ivanka.

I was so outraged that I bought myself an early Valentine’s gift…a new pair of designer shoes at Nordstrom online and a boat load of Nordstrom gift cards for giveaways.

I am Team Nordstrom all the way.

I also signed up for a Nordstrom Visa card.

You ignited a firestorm and the Nordstrom stock ended the day up 4.09%.

BTW, the Nordstrom decision to drop Ivanka’s clothing line was made in early January before any of your imbecilic decrees were signed in that big, fat flowing signature that you love to display at White House Show and Tell.

With that tweet, the fuhrer is attempting to bully a company that stopped doing business with a family member.

If that is not crossing an ethical line, then what is?!

I will ask you nicely…please, just shut up and lay to rest your tiny little index finger.

photo: Red State


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