Shine A Light…


6pm and the 7th different electrician has just knocked on my door.

The electrician who came last week to fix all the blunders before phase 1 final inspection worked until 9:30pm and joined us for dinner.

That has always been my dream to have workmen in my home until well into the night. I was so tired that I went to bed while he was drilling and I wasn’t the outlet.

Tonight is the night. If the latest mistakes are rectified then the dastardly contractor is out of my life…FOREVER.

Next up a new team to convert the last bathroom into a magic kingdom.

After that, a great paint job, some interior decorating and I am done. I just hope this journey ends up being worth it…the verdict is still out.


Yesterday, I hit up Restoration Hardware for end-of-bed (don’t you just adore RH precise verbiage) along with Fantasy Lighting, a fabulous custom lighting store in Hollywood, to attempt to replace some of my “stolen” goods.

I ran errands from 9am to 5pm. The list added up to an all day affair. The only tasty morsel of enjoyment was a delectable bahn mi at my favorite Vietnamese hole in the wall in West Hollywood, Phobulus…crispy pork, carrots, cilantro, cucumber and fresh jalapeño on a freshly baked french baguette for $5.95 and a Vietnamese coffee to fortify me for my jaunt to Hollywood and back to the beach in rush hour traffic.

The light at the end of the tunnel is still not luminescent, but brighter than 5 months ago…stay tuned. The sun may come out tomorrow or realistically, in two months time.


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