Shifting Gears…

Push/pull driving experience.

I adore my VW convertible.

I am the original owner and I take great pride in my adorable bug.

People pull up along side me all the time and make sweet comments.

I feel young and carefree with the top down and the tunes blasting.

Lately, I have been driving her all the time since our other cars have been spending time at the auto spa.

The ride can be challenging at times.

In Los Angeles the grocery store is miles away.

And it is August and hot.

The VW has no air conditioning, less than efficient retractable seatbelts, no cupholders, no clock or phone charger capability.

With stop and go traffic my ankles are looking trim from all the shifting.

And let us not forget the Club which needs to be attached to the steering wheel every damn time I depart the car because the classic bug is a constant burglary target.

I am beginning to feel old and exhausted from a car that normally makes me feel young and impetuous.

The other night we went to dinner, it was very warm and the traffic was horrendous.

Exiting the car, I felt like I had a torrid moment with my husband when it was self imposed vintage car fatigue.

I think the solution is to restrict my VW to mellow drives up the coast on a cool day with the top down and the tunes playing.

I shall leave the arduous everyday driving to 21st century models.

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