She’s A 10…

Show me the money.

Demands to finally put a woman on paper currency have been met.

Hallelujah sisters, the Treasury Department has announced that a portrait of a woman, to be determined shortly, will grace the $10 bill.

Sharpen your digits and let’s light up social media with names of candidates to appear on the $10 bill.

Greenback Girl Power will commence in 2020, coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment.

In case you failed American history or are a Stepford Wife, the 19th Amendment was ratified in 1920 and gave women the right to vote…not that we haven’t been outvoting men in the home for centuries.

You will be happy to know there are a bunch of trending, groovy guys at the Treasury Department who have invited the public to use the hashtag, #TheNew10,  to spread the word about the redesign.

I would nominate myself, but there is a caveat…you have to be dead and at this particular moment I am relativity happy so I’ll stick.

Susan B. Anthony and Harriet Tubman, who finished #1 on an online poll where over 600,000 votes were cast, are the top candidates. 15 women are finalists, but we can band together and still influence the selection.

I personally would vote for Marilyn Monroe, Estee Lauder, Ella Fitzgerald, Pocahantas, Amelia Earhart, Pearl S. Buck, Jacqueline Kennedy…jazz it up a bit.

The note will continue to have some image of the present $10 hottie, Alexander Hamilton, the first secretary of the treasury and a founding father…there were, of course, no mothers. Wait…who the hell gave birth to these ‘Fathers’ and nurtured them into becoming Founding Dudes?


Faces on bills have not changed since 1929 when Andrew Jackson replaced Grover Cleveland on the $20 note. Basic currency designs date to that time. Redesigns only occur every decade or so to deter counterfeiting.

My fellow females, there is a hairline crack in the glass ceiling. Our voting rights are intact despite idiots like Ann Coulter who want to abolish women’s right to vote.

Coulter openly stated that women should be stripped of their voting rights. “Well as you know, my position is women should not have the right to vote. It’s very popular on college campuses…we can still write books! We can run for office.” Run for office and only men can vote…brilliant.

Anyway, getting back to the $10 bill. I wonder if they will use photoshop?

Perhaps Kim Kardashian can tweak the photo and contour the less than perfect face, plump the lips, add eyeliner, lash and hair extensions. I would love to see Eleanor Roosevelt with a weave.

Give it some thought and You Go, Girls…and always exercise your right to vote!

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