Serving Up Secret Service, Michelle Obama and Tennis…


Long day at the Open yesterday. Arrived at the Billie Jean King Tennis Center by 7:15am as Michelle Obama attended Arthur Ashe Kid’s Day. We witnessed New York’s finest and the Secret Service in action…loved that some of the SS was dressed in Ralph Lauren. Metal detectors abounded as did bomb sniffing dogs…had to resist trying to pet the them or subject myself to arrest. I miss Berkeley and Madison so much!

Michelle Obama and Serena Williams

I did have one unsavory observation to report…Americans are rivaling the British in dental care. We are so used to seeing actors, The Housewives of Wherever and Jersey Shore alcoholics flashing beyond white teeth. Yesterday provided a yellowing snapshot of grimy teeth and lots of gaping wholes. Come on,  America lets brush, floss and rinse. Seriously, we need to provide for better dental insurance or Americans will be rendered speechless.

Michelle Obama rocked the audience with her speech regarding fitness and her outfit was fab. White jeans and a stlyin’ Prabal Gurung yellow print peplum top…she was a big hit. The music acts were less compelling.

Return trip was by Open shuttle and I just missed my geographically desirable bus so was left off on 48th and Lex and walked 3 miles home….I know, I could have sprung for a cab, but I have principles. Why not walk an additional 3 miles after being on my feet for 8 hours?!

It was a spectacularly gorgeous, humid-free August day in NYC so I took in the ever fascinating ebb and flow of the city, crashed through my front door, swallowed 3 Tylenol and watched both my favorite hometown sports teams lose…at least I was off my feet.

MIssy Franklin, 4 time Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer
Mrs. Arthur Ashe and Michelle Obama

Tennis, anyone?

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