The conservative tone in America right now is weighing me down.

I cannot believe that John Boehner is starting to look like a liberal.

I state this in conjunction with the frighteningly right wing path the nomination for Speaker of the House is taking.

If it is up to the Tea Party buffoons the country would regress by centuries.

Women’s rights are being challenged.

Is it the Tea Party’s goal to have women stripped of the right to vote along with having absolutely no decision making power regarding their own bodies?

Isn’t it the Super Sperm Party who traditionally gets us in trouble by climbing on board, happily dispensing the seed that potentially leads to a woman’s dilemma.

I lived with a powerful political family and women are frequently intoxicated by power.

Unfortunately, certain females hook up with many of the ignorant, married, overweight, bad breath hypocrites…I mean politicians. That’s when the double standard takes effect.

Color Me Red…many Congressional representatives hold on for dear life to the antiquated ideals such as the right to bear arms and refusing to support a woman’s right to choose.

This brings me to my own personal conundrum as I have yet again lost control of my own body of work.

The black cloud is still lingering over all my domiciles. As of late, I have written about the latest debacle, a large hole in my NYC ceiling.

The asshole who made it rain plaster and caused flying debris to damage furniture and floors has gone conservative and stingy, raping my home, making me the victim and imposing the impossible task of forcing me to prove my innocence.

He ravishes my apartment and then draws a line in the sand. There is no room for negotiation. Certainly some rights are self-evident. He screws up my place then as day follows night, he must make right everything that has been damaged.

Has the entire universe gone crazy conservative?!

Step up people and do the right thing.

I am so sick and tired of the obvious staring us all down and nothing being done.

Note to politicians…stop with the prayers and thoughts and let’s right the violence in America, educate the population and let woman control their own destiny.

And note to dwelling douche…stop quibbling and just do the right thing.

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