Senior Blitzing…

We all need to have advocates, especially our aging parents.

Attention my darling daughter, can you hear me now?!

I hope I can keep my shit together before I leave for permanent residence at NY Giants Stadium, but on the off chance that I lose control, please provide or assign back up.

There are so many ways to take advantage of our aging population.

As my mother approaches triple digits, I am more fortunate than most because Queen E. is still alert and together, but my responsibility as her advocate is now a full-time job.

We just had a incident where, after we negotiated a new car acquisition for hours over the phone and an advisor was physically present, the Lexus dealership in southern Florida still ripped my mom off.

Always read the fine print, people.

Forget purchasing birthday, Mother’s Day, holiday gifts, the best present you can give a aging parent is consistently being there for them not only emotionally, but as a financial and healthcare advisor.

I consider myself my mother’s offensive guard…I am there to protect my aging quarterback.





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