Seeing Red…

I am imbued with the spirit.

Hiking to the top of a majestic red rock to reach the regenerative and inspirational Vortex meditation site in Sedona, Arizona, I feel the powerful earth energy,

I don’t know if it is the fact that I do not have to cook and clean for several days, but I am feeling centered and a sense of calm.

We left Santa Fe on a beautiful clear Sunday.

The ride was picturesque and flew by because I was able to get the NY Giants game in the car on my Giants app.

Ain’t technology amazing?!

The win invigorated me and after finally breaking bread at 2pm because nothing was available on I-40 except McDonald’s we hiked the red rock trail, witnessing a gorgeous sunset.

I was a bit displaced when the setting sun glinted off of a woman hugging the edge of the suspended rock in a committed yoga pose.

The suffused light picked up the red and green dayglo stripes on the back of her Gucci sneakers and the sparkle emanating from her Gucci bag.

I guess she was divining more retail therapy energy from this renowned vortex.

I must admit her Gucci warm up did look stunning in the glow of the the sunset. I just do not know how she made the climb in those Gucci sneakers, lugging a large Gucci handbag.

The power of Gucci…I have also experienced its magical power.

Anyway, the day was stupendous.

We woke refreshed yesterday and took a 6.5 mile hike deep into Boynton Canyon culminating in a steep finale.

Today, we are scheduled to hike Doe Mountain trail and then hit the road for an 8 hour drive back to the land of infection and maskless idiots.

Reality sucks, but I really cannot complain as the past 6 sequestered weeks have been glorious!

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  1. Elizabeth Ketaineck says:

    Sedona never gets old. Truly one of our happy places.

    I think our first visit was in 1995. The boys were young. One night we went to the Cowboy Cafe in “downtown” Sedona for dinner. (When Stu and I last visited a couple years ago, it was still there). There was an appetizer called “snake bites.” It was breaded, fried rattle snake. We had to order it! Alex was (and still is) a picky eater. You could tell he was just dying to try it, just to say he did, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. In answer to the inevitable question, it tastes like chicken.

    Glad you enjoyed yourselves. How can you not?

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