Seeing Red…

When my daughter was growing up she participated in a lot of sports.

I watched every game, meet, match and was always the parent yelling, “Sacrifice your body.” It became a battle cry.

Yesterday at 5am, my husband agreed to sacrifice his body and image for my blog post.

Monday was a challenging day for my partner.

I washed the new white sheets and he offered to help to make the bed.

I was about to spread the new linen duvet over the crisp white sheet and noticed a vibrant red accent on the top right corner of the sheet.

Bloody Monday dawned and it appeared as if the Red Sea had parted just for him.

Not only was I seeing red on the sheets, but the torrent of blood had spread to the suede headboard, duvet and in my rush to ebb the flow, I had overlooked the mattress cover which was now flashing red.

How does a person with intact cognitive skills not know that blood is dripping from their appendage.

I did my best Jamie Lee Curtis Halloween queen scream and then quickly moved into full combat action…ripping, stripping and  stanching the flow of blood.

My husband could not understand my disdain so he deflected and went back to his office to continue his work day.

I spent the next 2 hours stain removing, washing and then making the bed most definitely on my own.

Later that day he had a doctor’s appointment located close to Santa Monica Seafood.

With N-95 coverage he entered to make a specific purchase.

I prepped him beforehand with a detailed description of what the halibut should look like.

I know my customer. More is more.

I requested a thick cut of very white Halibut, the color of my sheet before Bloody Monday.

What I received for $23 was a thin fillet with red highlights and a very tough cartiledge down the center of the fillet.

My wonderful husband can negotiate multi-million dollar deals and is on the cutting edge of technology, he can spot a defect on any vintage car a mile away, but he cannot see the obvious imperfections on a piece of fish.

Please note he called me from the fish store to reaffirm my specific request.

You have to really love a man because there is a lot to overlook.

I shall move forward buying my own fish and performing solo bed making tasks.

I leave you with this thought…are men really that stupid or do they blunder deliberately to avoid doing household chores or having to buy groceries?!

Talk amongst yourselves.

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  1. But wait….where did the blood come from?

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