Scoreless Weekend…

No sports for me this weekend.

Yes, the World Series was on along with college football on Saturday and the NFL on Sunday, but none of my teams were active.

The NY Giants had a bye week…they should probably request a bye season, but I did hunger for a Sunday game.

Miserable or elated I bleed Big Blue.

The Yankees are in full fledged off season, on the lookout for a new manager, so the World Series offers minimal interest.

Yes, I watched the very exciting Ohio State/Penn State match up, the 9th inning of the World Series Game 4 and Game 5’s five hour 17 minute slugfest, the insane Texans/Seahawks game, but I was an emotionally uninvolved observer which does have its’ benefits.

I need to be personally involved.

I fully admit to mainlining sports.

It is my crack.

But I am a serial monogamist.

I will have to await passion until next weekend.

Photo: Charles Shultz



  1. The Ohio State game was great! 2 of my nieces went there so I’ve become a fan. My Patriots and Celtics won. Unfortunately the Bruins lost but it was to the Vegas Knights, so I had mixed emotions. I’ll always be a Bruins fan, but will be raising my grandkids to be Knights fans. But they all will be Pattiot fans, never the Raiders!

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