Say What!?…


The democrats just don’t get it.

Wednesday’s debate was as frustrating as watching the Yankees pitch of late.

Fire all the campaign staffs who have their fingers up their collective butts and not on the pulse of this emotionally eroded country.

If I was as out of touch when creating a PR campaign, I would never work again.

Don’t feed on each other, feast on trump and  Moscow Mitch.

Do not talk about past mistakes, tell the American public how you are going to improve life.

Get real…address pocketbook issues and domestic terrorism.



The goal is to get people on your side, not turn them off.

And for heaven sake, Do Not Disparage Barack Obama, who maintains a 97% approval rating among Democrats.

All 20 candidates need a timeout and a come to Jesus reality check.

We need a strong, inspirational street fighter or this country will be stuck with Agent Orange for another four years and at that point, America will be unrepairable.

*Andy Cohen meme:

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