Savoring Solitude…

I cannot believe I am saying this, but I Love LA.

Our home has been a refuge during a stressful time.

I love the isolation.

Even though it is impossible to go missing in the 21st century due to cell phones, email, GPS and texting, a person can hide away.

I am getting things done, but without the scrutiny that living in NYC brings.

In LA there is no building tension, scorching, humid weather, ear splitting noise, massive electric bills, sidewalk excrement, in your face stream of humanity as opposed to a singular annoyance, traffic, which I have been able to outmaneuver.

Yesterday for instance, I had to be in West Hollywood early.

Being a Californian (thank you SNL) I took the PCH to the I-10 to La Cienaga, deciding to get off and wiggle waggle through West Hollywood and explore impressive classic Spanish homes.

On the return trip, I traversed the Beverly Hills flats and enjoyed the view.

Of course, no one dared to walk on the sidewalk.

I do believe there is a city ordinance forbidding such risqué activity.

For the first time ever, I am dreading my east coast sojourn.

I have found peace seeing the ocean everyday, hearing the sound of waves caressing the white sand expansive beaches, eating the best sushi outside of Tokyo, cooking dinner frequently in my spacious kitchen, taking long, challenging vertical climbs and having enough roaming room where it is necessary to seek out my husband rather than always bumping into him.

There is so much on my plate on the eastern seaboard that I can foresee becoming an issue glutton.





All brought to you in LaLaLand.

Who knew?!

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