Save Me From Salvation…

Salvation Classic Burger
Salvation Classic Burger


Salvation Burger
Salvation Burger

People in New York are going gaga over Salvation Burger.

Two hour wait for a burger or fish sandwich.

Thanks, but no thanks.

I don’t wait 2 hours for anything.

Recently, we strolled down 5th Avenue to 51st Street and hung a left and headed towards Second Avenue.

It was 8pm on a Friday night. We entered the packed restaurant and was told the wait was comparable to the running time of a Broadway musical.

Needless to say, I wasn’t kicking up my heels over that tune.

Salvation Burger
Salvation Burger

Always rising to a challenge, I scoped out the bar and locked in on a spot at the end.

We ordered drinks and I struck up a conversation with a thirty-something couple who had secured two much in demand seats.

We discussed the food, life, politics and 15 minutes later they offered us their seats at the bar, cutting our wait time down by 105 minutes.

Start Spreading The News…that was music to my ears.

Salvation Burger Bar
Salvation Burger Bar

We bowed and curtsied and took ownership.

Salvation Burger is down home, woodsy and comfortable.

Salvation Classic Burger
Salvation Classic Burger

Of course, I was primed for their Classic Burger after all the hype I had heard.

David was torn between the supposedly amazing fried fish sandwich and the veggie burger ($16).

I also had to contemplate the latest addition to the menu, the Salvation Burger with hen of the woods mushrooms and smoked blue cheese ($25).

The couple who surrendered the seats told us to pass, it wasn’t very tasty.

I went Classic Burger with house made cheese, special sauce and pickles ($17).

To be honest it was a super sized In-N-Out Burger ($3.40).

Not is not to say it wasn’t yummy, but I cannot dole out a standing ovation.

Sociale in Brooklyn Height, Quality Eats in Greenwich Village, Upland and Landmarc at Columbus Circle serve up more delectable burgers.

Chef Bloomfield is serving burgers made with grass-fed beef that’s butchered in-house.

Fish On Bun
Fish On Bun

David selected the Fish On Bun with tartar sauce ($16). It was okay fried fish.

Also available for the picking is The Dog with house made Giardinera and mustard ($14).

Roasted Beet Salad
Roasted Beet Salad

We danced around the salad choices and the the roasted beet salad with smoky blue, walnuts and tarragon dressing was the winning number ($14). It was rustic and tasty.

Other available items are raw vegetable spirals with hummus ($13), a green salad with toasted poppy seeds and buttermilk dressing ($11) and a romaine salad with roasted garlic and anchovy ($11).


Fries were a no brainer. They were crispy and delicious ($7).

Snack options included spicy kirby ($3), popcorn ($3), wood roasted oysters ($13), wood grilled shrimp ($25), chili ($12), poutine ($15) and bone marrow ($12).

Coconut Cream Pie
Coconut Cream Pie

David had a hankering for pie and ordered the coconut cream pie which was salty and not worth the guilt ($7).

Banana cream pie ($8), blackberry and goat cheese pie ($7), Bourbon pecan pie ($8), fried apple pie ($6) and fried lemon pie ($6) are also on the menu along with two unique milk shakes ($7).

51 Pod Hotel
51 Pod Hotel

April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman, the chef and restaurateur behind The Spotted Pig, The Breslin, and The John Dory, opened Salvation Burger in February in Midtown East’s Pod 51 hotel.

Salvation Burger was good, but I must confess, definitely not worth the long wait.


We walked home as the night was brilliant and my FitBit directed me to walk off the burger and fries.

That was the most satisfying part of the evening.

Salvation Burger 230 East 51st Street New York City. Open daily 12pm-2am. No reservations.

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