Saucy Times…

Life definitely takes on a different rhythm in California.

Wake up is between 3-5am.

I work, catch up on Morning Joe and prepare elaborate breakfasts.

Besides writing, cooking and exercising dominate the playing field.

Yesterday, I did the aforementioned, took a challenging Flywheel class and while in my groovy bike pants spent 21/2 hours preparing sauces and lunch along with a fresh stewed blueberry and mango smoothie with Icelandic nonfat yogurt, a touch of orange juice and low fat milk.

In New York, my kitchen activity is incumbent on the weather.

With the withering summer heat, my culinary skills are restricted to sandwiches and salads.

To be honest, takeout is so much easier in NYC while grocery shopping is relaxed and easy in LA when you have a car and big box stores to peruse with your shopping cart

In Manhattan, the cart is used more for transient possessions then for groceries.

I must admit NYC provides a constant stream of stimulation…just walking out the door inevitably opens up opportunities.

Los Angeles presents a planned life.

When you head to the theatre, tickets are purchased ahead of time and on a day where you can manipulate the traffic.

We are seeing the Broadway bound musical, Ain’t Too Proud: The Life and Times of the Temptations. It is necessary to book on a Saturday afternoon so it doesn’t take up to 2 hours to get there.

Restaurant bookings in LA are usually made for after 8 or Early Bird between 5-6.

David has never visited the new Broad Museum in downtown LA so we are going during a weekday lunch hour hoping the traffic won’t be diabolical.

Public schools start August 14th in Los Angeles which means I have to be home before 2 or after 4pm because no one carpools and you get stuck behind literally dozens of Range Rovers or Porsche SUV’s and it can take 30 minutes to go 2 blocks in Santa Monica or Pacific Palisades.

Beach time is early with departure by 3 before the criminally insane hit the beach with dogs, alcohol, cigarettes, boom boxes and a distinct aversion to throwing garbage in the plethora of Coppertone embellished trash cans strategically placed just about everywhere on the beach.

In NYC you walk or take the subway so life is a lot more spontaneous, museums are best early or on the weekends, theatre is whenever you please as long as it isn’t Hamilton, Wicked, Book of Mormon, Dear Evan Hansen or Springsteen on Broadway.

BTW, my tomato sauce rocks and you just need to buy very ripe cherry tomatoes, marinate in EVOL for at least 30 minutes. Mix in chopped up fresh basil, white wine, kosher salt and pepper.

Bake at 350 for 40 minutes so it is a slow roast in a rectangular Pyrex dish. Stir 3-4 times.

Throw into a blender with a hit of half and half, Parmesano Reggiano, blend hardy and your have the sweetest, tastiest fresh tomato sauce.

Enjoy…it is a bonafided hit.

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