Satisfied in Santa Fe…

I wholeheartedly endorse a change of scenery.

I feel as if I have a new lease on this strange, semi-permanent New Normal.

Santa Fe is my new minimum security lock up.

New Mexico is in a rigid two week lockdown, but I have not done anything except cook at home, hike and bike for 9 months so my Covid routine is set in stone no matter where I am.

Cooking in a new kitchen that is not properly equipped is challenging, but we make do by hauling bags full of ingredients and gadgets from Los Angeles,

Our big numbers are reserved for our daily hikes which have been invigorating and scenic, drawing applause from the core group.

I do miss my Peloton and  regret breaking my many months long streak of spinning every single day.

Yesterday, we trotted 5 miles on the Santa Fe Trail  the snow bathing the surroundings in a white patina.

We hiked up a mountain in the Santa Fe National Forest that took our breath away literally and figuratively as one has to acclimatize to the altitude…the air is so clean and the sky a compelling azure blue.

Saturday, we drove the Turquoise Trail and barely a car passed us by. We had an unbroken view of rocky plateaus and open plains.

We walked an empty Canyon Road which is filled with attractive arts and crafts studios.

The historic Santa Fe Plaza has been deserted yet welcoming in its quiet beauty.

Our house is lovely and right off the Santa Fe walking trail in the up and coming Railyard Arts District.

Having our pup, Finnley, to walk and explore Santa Fe with is an absolute joy and of course, spending time with our fabulous daughter is endlessly satisfying.

Reunited and it feels so good.

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  1. Toby, are you still there? Patty Kweskin Zisman lives in Santa Fe! And, they hike all the time. You could have passed each other but with the masks it would have been like passing ships in the night!

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