Russian Red, White & Blue…

Fun Fact…Nixon never fired an FBI director.

I do believe that The Donald just Trumped Tricky Dick.

Welcome to the Stars and Stripes reality show.

What the hell is going on?!

I assume people are getting too close to revealing what’s behind the red curtain.

Now Comey is fired…Humpry Dumpty Trumpy lives in his own sphere of reality and has pulled out that tired phrase, “You”re Fired.”

We are in more ways than one a red state…we are Putin’ On the Ritz.

I love that the reason for the Comey execution is over the way he handled the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

I think we can all see the truth through the ridiculously hazy smoke screen.

Hey, pudgy, middle-age white guys…grow some balls.

I am pleading with the Republican Congress to step up and do what is right and best for America.

This is a Bigly bipartisan crisis.

It’s a Russian Red Shit Show.



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