Running on Empty…

I am on Red Alert.

Central Park is inundated with runners, their families and an abundance of tourists.

The city must be pulling in millions of dollars in revenue.

I can barely cross the street and enter the Park.

I am delighted that the New York City Marathon is such a huge draw, but in these harrowing times people are on edge.

I feel as if my head is on a swivel looking left, right, in front and behind for potential crazies.

Yesterday, a fruit loop stood on the banks of the Central Park Lake across from Bow Bridge and screamed, “Kill the Bitch” for a minimum of 30 minutes.

I quickly scooted past the area and could hear him all the way to the Great Lawn.

I hope all goes well on Sunday and it is a safe, jubilant Marathon.

Every day is a challenge as most people are concerned about their safety and the fraying of hope and civility around the world.

Marathon Mania…Some are Born To Run. I’ll just Walk On By😎

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