Running Errands…

I hate running errands…or walking…why running?!

In Los Angeles with distances and traffic you literally cannot run errands.

I think my dislike grew from the fact that Queen E. loved running errands even at 98.

She adored making lists, checking it twice and then crossing things off.

The backs of coupon and flyers were her favorite forms for list making even though she had stacks of purple pads that she had been gifted.

I succumbed to errands yesterday and learned that if you go early on a Monday morning no one is around.

I headed to Med Man in Venice and immediately found a parking spot in front of the store on Abbott Kinney Boulevard…unheard of…I checked the news to see if every LA resident had retreated because the Big One hit and I was the last to know.

No line to get into Med Man for the first time ever.

I received a comprehensive CBD tutorial and will hopefully cure my insomnia.

Next stop no line at Superba and the bread was just coming out of the oven. Again, a parking spot.

The grocery store was quiet but only one checkout line, but the Checkout person in the Express lane waved me over and everything I bought was on special…saved $12!

Oh Monday,  Monday…Monday mornin’, it was all I hoped it would be.

Singing while running my way through a victorious Monday…it’s the little things.


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  1. So true!

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