Rotten Apple…

Yesterday, I made the huge mistake of purchasing a new iPhone.

Despite the fact that my screen was cracked, ringer has gone radio silent and the battery keeps dying, I should have just forged ahead.

For $799 I was rewarded with 5 1/2 hours of frustration.

First, Verizon and Apple could not get on the same page. Lots of finger pointing and no compromise…just like Congress.

Then I had to download my info from the old phone to the new one.

Once I was able to make the purchase, I sat at Apple for over 2 hours watching the thin white line never reach the other side, despite the posting of a screen message saying that there was less than one minute until the transfer was completed.

I finally departed Apple and had a redo at home.

My phone has been downloading all night and  it is still mission impossible.

It’s back to Apple.

I am going to aggressively approach the inappropriately named Genius Bar, demand a new phone or force them to admit that Apple must have been part of Wednesday’s grand hacking debacle.

I shall also recommend that they institute a coffee bar by day and a cocktail bar by night as early in the day you need the fortitude to endure and by night you need to chill and accept your fate.


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