Rose-Colored Glasses…


Eternally optimistic.

Next month my mother will be inching much closer to three digits.

She is temporarily curtailed due to three fractures in her ankle and a full on cast that keeps her confided to her rented Barcalounger.

One day a week, the John Cena’s of Hunters Run come over to transport Queen E. to her brand new Lexus.

She is not happy with their technique, but this is as good as it gets.

The main activity on this day is to have her hair done, mani/pedi and errands.

I asked her how her excursion went yesterday and she was elated.

She wanted to surprise me with the news that she went to the eye doctor to have her eyes tested and then headed to have her driver’s license renewed.

At the moment she is immobile, has full time help who also chauffeurs her around, has not driven in over a year, but she wants to always be prepared to take the wheel.

Eternal optimist, supremely confident.

Keep on keeping on, Queen E.

Enjoy your weekend…I leave you with the Fine Young Cannibals hit, She Drives Me Crazy…



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