Rockin’ The Slap…

Rewarding bad behavior.

A pet peeve of mine.

Humor me one more time…I am sure the Oscar slap heard round the world has been discussed ad nauseam.

But, In front of a worldwide viewing audience, Will Smith assaulted Chris Rock and then moments later received a standing O for winning an award for what I thought was a good performance, not great.

Having worked and traveled with the rich and famous the degree of entitlement is staggering.

Strong willed Will will receive lots of social media attention, but Smith will not be cancelled even though the Academy condemned The Slap and have initiated a formal review.

Will apologized to Chris yesterday, but I think it’s too late because his team most likely pushed and prodded when it should have been organic.

I did not know about Jada Pinkett Smith’s Alopecia. Why assume Chris Rock does?!

And, wait for it because the ego continues to inflate, God himself has spoken to Will and He is allegedly using him as a conduit for peace and love…Putin, too?!

Poking fun at people is an awards show constant.

It happens every day in real life just ask my daughter about her constant poking me about Chick-fil-A!

Fashion. Fire those stylists. Beyond Zendaya and Ariana DeBose burn those dresses and please, support The Girls. There was more droopage than on my birthday bouquet a week after receiving.

Sure, Jennifer Garner looked pretty along with a bunch of others, but this is the Oscars…blah, blah, blah.

The musical numbers…come on. We would not have voted for any of them on American Idol and I love Billie Eilish and Finneas, but I heard that Daniel Craig quit the James Bond franchise because the song was so depressing!

I did appreciate the upbeat In Memoriam, but the Oscar committee did not make it a Full House…no Bob Saget along with Ed Asner, Norm Macdonald and Anne Rice…hire an intern to compose a list of all the entertainment notables who passed away during that particular year. Didn’t the Academy learn a lesson after the Farrah Fawcett omission?!

Amy Schumer was very funny. Hosts should be mandatory at the Oscars as well at restaurants.

Absolutely thrilled that CODA won for Best Picture, the first streaming film to earn an Oscar. In my opinion, CODA was the only great film up for an award.

And, finally, just legitimize the F word. I heard the unedited clip on Japanese and Australian television immediately after the incident and no one dropped dead from shock after hearing it.


Will&Chris:MMA fighting

Ariana Debose:global



  1. Anna Holbrook says:

    Well said.
    Also, I find that moment between two men, who for the most part, have been truly liked by most of us, just plain disturbing. Painful to watch.
    This world we are living in is painful enough at the moment – something like the Oscars is supposed to be entertaining, pretty, funny, moving . . .
    Thanks, Toby:)

  2. ellie lupo says:

    with you on all!

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