Rock ‘n Roll Never Dies…

Rock ‘n roll memories…a vibrant flash from my past.

During the purge of my family’s Connecticut home, I came across an endless stream of PR clippings, press kits, pre-selfie photos with bands.

I reconnected with my stash of inscribed gold and platinum albums.

I waxed nastalgic over my array of personalized satin tour jackets.

My daughter “borrowed” all the jackets.

I had to part with all of Michael Goldstone’s stellar clipping books.

A great surprise was discovering one of the last ever infamous Tower Records billboards.

The expertly wrapped 6×6 foot package revealed one of the last hand painted billboards hanging outside the iconic Tower Records store on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

I have nowhere to keep the colorful beauty.

It is now up for auction on the online site,

The Benefit Shop Foundation Inc. is a registered 501(C)(3) not-for-profit that operates to raise funds for local charities.

The Benefit Shop Foundation was created by Pam Stone who scours estate sales for hidden gems.

Pam spent hours treasure hunting in our home.

It is rewarding to know that our memories will become new memories for others and the knowledge that the funds will benefit animal rescue organizations, Boys and Girls Club, veterans, local hospital and other worthwhile causes.

The Buckwheat Zydeco is an absolutely awesome piece of artwork that I would love to find a home for.

It hung proudly for years in our San Francisco house.

Reach out to me or or go to the AUCTIONS tab at: and click on Auction for April 18th if Buckwheat Zydeco makes you feel like dancing.

Rock ‘n roll never dies.

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  1. No pictures?! Come onnn show us your band selfies and music gems! 🙂 xo

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