Roberta’s Doesn’t Travel Well…

Roberta’s in Bushwick (Brooklyn) is a must try.

I have been there numerous times and have never been disappointed.

I naturally gravitated towards the first west coast Roberta’s which opened in Culver City.

Platform LA, the newly established destination is a small oasis in the upgraded Culver City ‘hood.

I had been there before when Margot had first opened.

Other than Soul Cycle not much was going on last year.


Well, things have changed with the debut of a plethora of boutique shops and restaurants including, Roberta’s, Loqui, Blue Bottle, Boba Guys, Sweetgreen and Van Leeuwen ice cream.

Helms Bakery

It is a destination along with the established Helms Bakery complex a few blocks away.

Roberta’s Interior

Roberta’s is attractive with inviting indoor/outdoor dining.

Our server, Michael, was the nicest person and turned me onto a delicious white wine which is unusual since white is not typically in my bailiwick.

Furlani Macerato and Pizza

The Matteo Furlani Macerato, an Italian organic Pinot Grigio, was delicious and refreshingly gratifying on a warm summer day.

I actually hesitated ordering because I thought only tacky Housewives of New York ordered Pinot Grigio ($13).

Little Gem

We started with Little Gem Lettuces with pecorino romano, red flame grapes, red onion, mint and an unusual kefir dressing which grew on us ($16).

The Margherita Pizza with tomato, basil and mozzarella was disappointing. One slice was sufficient due to the soggy bottom.  Maybe I will now buy into the water theory of NY water being superior to LA ($17).

Roberta’s serves lunch and dinner and brunch on the weekends.

The menu changes daily with 7 pizzas offered along with a calzone, a sizable burger, egg dishes, several salads, as well as California cheeses and meats.



Roberta’s is off the destination list, but a mosey  around the Platform development is definitely worth a few hours, garnering the active stroller some much needed afternoon delight.

Roberta’s 8819 Washington Boulevard Culver City, California. Open daily 11am-10pm. No reservations.

The Platform 8850 Washington Boulevard Culver City, California. Open daily 7am-10pm. Valet and street parking.

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