Richard Sherman: Ripped From The Headlines…

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You don’t have to be a sports fan to recognize the name, Richard Sherman. Since his screaming interview on Fox after the NFC championship game, people are talking.

Sherman, 25,  is probably the best cornerback in football…at least this year. This season alone he had  8 interceptions.

He basically secured the Seattle Seahawks’ victory at the end of Sunday’s game against the San Francisco 49ers. They were driving, deep in Seahawks territory and the 49ers’ quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, threw a pass into the end zone to wide receiver, Michael Crabtree. Sherman tipped the ball and it fell into his teammate, Malcolm Smith’s, arms for a game ending interception.

There was been bad blood between Crabtree and Sherman for a while. In previous posts, I have mentioned that neither player, in my estimation, is a class act.

After witnessing Sherman’s screaming rant and observing his “dirty”, but impressive play this season, I immediately condemned his behavior. The last few days, I have been following the uproar.

Michael Sherman Tips the ball Away From Michael Crabtree Phot: Ferrey/Getty Images
Richard Sherman tips the ball away from Michael Crabtree.
Phot: Ferrey/Getty Images

Sherman grew up in Compton and graduated from Stanford. He is a smart man who gives back to the community through his Blanket Coverage charity.

In the heat of battle, he went cray cray. Obviously, there is history between Sherman and Crabtree and what went down during and after that play set Sherman off.

Erin Andrews (don’t get me started on her) grabbed Sherman as soon as the game ended and Sherman was caught in a real moment. He came across as thugish and threatening.

Should we hold him to a higher standard? Should honest emotions be controlled, criticized?

Aren’t we all bored with the scripted answers coaches, players, actors provide? I know I am. Being a sports fanatic, I am so tired of those rote interviews at halftime where every coach states the obvious. Why don’t they just tell us what they are going to do…head into the locker room and ream the butts of guys who mare making millions of dollars.

Honesty does not have to be salacious…just say what you mean. I know it is difficult nowadays because the press always jumps on the negative, but the truth doesn’t have to be controversial. Sherman was real. When he celebrated with his team afterwards and was subsequently re-interviewed, he was calm and collected.


From a public relations standpoint, Sherman has hit the jackpot. 2 weeks before the Super Bowl, one of the biggest stages in the world, he is now a known entity outside the world of sports. People will be following him on the field. Will Manning throw the ball to receivers Sherman is covering?

Good vs bad… in a matter of seconds, Sherman has promoted one of the biggest battles in recent memory, Manning vs Sherman. Will history repeat itself and will yet another Sherman march into enemy territory, wage a defensive battle and take the city by storm?

In a monochromatic world, I vote for passion even if it involves risk…but then again I have often been accused of lacking filters.

Go Broncos!


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