My husband was away on business all last week.

Time alone is always lovely. Not feeling duty bound to make magical meals daily, dodging extra clean up and less laundry is liberating.

When he walked in the door all that was forgotten. I still get butterflies.

We fit together so well. He quickly unpacked and we put the top down and headed to a very late lunch in Malibu with the doggies.

I did the driving as usual. I am a much better driver (he may disagree) so I assume command of the wheel to avoid conflict although I know he will enact his car button Turrettes…non-stop fiddling to make sure the car is functioning perfectly.

We all have our issues. He would rather cruise to the sounds of NPR. I want rock music cranked up. Isn’t that what having a convertible is all about?!

The conversation is easy and fluid.

I can bet on what he will order. With other matters, he often surprises me and I love surprises.

I am rarely bored and if I am I just assume the role of head chef and start stirring things up.

He is easy like a Sunday morning although there are times I think he may have experienced a mild stroke and didn’t realize it…I do and of course, duly note it.

After 36 years together we are still making magic, missing each other and looking forward to reuniting because it feels so good.

Lovin’ Peaches & Herb…


  1. Good!

  2. You two are AWSOME….!!!!

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