Retail Fasting…

I am on my annual retail therapy fast.

No consuming merchandise until my birthday in May.

As with fasting, I will do my best to not deviate from the plan and recycle past purchases, pretending they are new to keep the dopamine spiking even though luxury consumption positively affects my well-being.

I just happened to have read about someone completely disinterested in curtailing spending.

Yesterday, I scanned an article about the money the U.S. government has spent on trump’s Florida vacations.

Local Palm Beach government and law enforcement have spent $13.7 million to protect Agent Orange during the 27 visits he and his family made to Mar-a-Lago between his election in November 2016 and Easter 2019.
Additionally, an analysis by The Huffington Post published in May 2019 put the total cost of trips to Mar-a-Lago at $81 million. That amount does not include Palm Beach County’s $13.7 million bill.


What a terrible waste.

$100 million would go far toward solving America’s domestic problems.
And, this information is priceless…Trump has made 16,241 misleading or false statements since he became dictator.
Well, I am pledging my part to step away from retail and instead support more vigorously the environment, animal rescue while donating to candidates and political organizations with the goal of ending the corrupt regime in Washington while psychologically supporting my well being.
Trump binged…now it’s time to purge.

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  1. since I am a May baby also and feel that it might be time to spend my money differently,I will try to abstain from making personal purchases until my day. (glad it is early in the month!!!!!) Not quite sure who I will vote for,but do know who I will not.
    Hope all is well

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