Resisting Retail…


The non-intoxicating marijuana extract which treats a host of medical problems or compulsive buying disorder?

I enjoy both, but favor the ability to look, feel and touch…in stores, shops, magazines, windows.

Sunday after taking in an early morning movie, we strolled Santa Monica, Westwood and Beverly Hills.

Bev Hills was packed with foreign tourists.

Rodeo Drive was bumper to bumper.

We perused Barneys and Gucci, absorbing the wonder and beauty of the array of handbags and shoes.

I looked, but didn’t touch as I am in retail denial having pledged to myself with my husband as witness that I would not consume for 6 months.

I am half way there and have not succumbed.

Barneys was my first store experience in 3 months.

No one thinks I can achieve victory, but when I dig in it’s a smart idea to bet on me.

If I make it to the end of May, my husband has been coercise into committing to a material reward.

Hypocrisy…perhaps, but life is filled with it.

I will succeed as I am looking forward to an intimate moment with Mr. Gucci in 84 days, but who’s counting?!

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