Red Alert…

I am a New Yorker.

I walk the streets as well as Central Park prepared.

I am frequently listening to sports talk radio, but am always on red alert.

I never walk in Central Park without my doggie.

I try to be vigilant and walk in well trafficked areas, especially in Central Park.

Lately, I have been hitting the secluded Ramble which is often sparsely inhabited…that ends today.

Yesterday, the tranquility of Central Park was shattered when a twenty-something year old woman was choked unconscious and sexually assaulted  at 7:20am near Wollman Rink.

This act broke my heart for the victim who just wanted to start her day with a run and it destroyed my sense of peace and security because I am in Central Park daily and love it dearly.

The world has always been a dangerous place, but not since the 70s and 80s has Central Park been so threatening, negating what many view as a safe haven.

Unfortunately, on Thursday, one hour later, another female was sexually assaulted at 103rd Street and FDR Drive. The perpetrator was arrested. He had been incarcerated on rape charges and was released this week. No news on whether the two incidents are related.

I have no words for these violent, incomprehensible acts.

My first call was to my daughter to review the rules of the road.

Always be vigilant no matter where you live or visit.

Stay safe💜

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