Rear View Mirror…

Attempting to access normalcy after two tumultuous weeks.

The other day we thought we would aim for a Broadway distraction.

Girls & Boys starring Carey Mulligan is a tour de force.

Mulligan stars in the one-woman 100 minute Off. Broadway show.

There was levity and laughs in the beginning and then the audience was startled by a huge wave of ice cold rhetoric.

It is a story that must be told as disturbing as it is.

When you are finally cognizant of where events are headed you want to turn away, but you cannot…Mulligan is that compelling without even raising her voice.

I was wondering how she was able to stand that long since she performs barefoot and has obviously broken her toes.

Her charm sprinkled with aggression keeps you mesmerized.

I have never witnessed such a silent, subdued  Broadway audience.

Violence is the underlying issue, a topic we are way too familiar with in the past two decades.

The sets are superb and presented in effective monochrome.

Death is violent and in my recent experience no matter how gently a person fades into the ever after, it is still violent.

Girls & Boys is compelling and Carey Mulligan’s character will niggle at you for days.

The play has a limited run.

If you are in NYC before Girls & Boys closes on July 22nd, make the effort to see Carey Mulligan in this spectacular performance.

Girls & Boys Minetta Lane Theater 18 Minetta Lane New York City. Limited run through July 22, 2018. Starring Carey Mulligan in a 100 minute, one-woman show.



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